Maximals :

Rise Of The Beast

In the vast digital jungle of cryptocurrencies, a new breed of heroes has emerged – the Ethereum Maximals! Led by their fearless commander, Vitalik Prime, these brave warriors harness the incredible power of blockchain technology to protect the decentralized realm.

With their trusty alt-mode, the Etherbot, the Ethereum Maximals roam the vast expanse of the crypto world, ensuring fairness, transparency, and security for all. They believe in the power of smart contracts, where transactions are executed without the need for intermediaries, bringing freedom to the digital realm.

But beware, lurking in the shadows are the Decepticons of centralized finance. Led by the nefarious FUDcon, these villains seek to manipulate the market, spread fear, uncertainty, and doubt, and control the fate of cryptocurrencies. But the Ethereum Maximals stand strong, ready to defend the principles of decentralization and pave the way for a brighter, more inclusive financial future.


How to Buy Maximals?

Download Ethereum Wallet

On Desktop
Download the official Metamask extension for Google Chrome from and follow the steps to create an account
On Mobile
Download the official TrustWallet app from for your mobile device. Don't forget to save your recovery phrase and never share it with anyone

Purchase ETH on exchanges

You can buy Ethereum (ETH) directly on MetaMask or transfer it to your MetaMask Wallet from exchanges like Coinbase, Binance, etc.

Visit Ethereum Dex

Visit or you can swap with flooz trade. You can start swapping as soon as you have ETH available! Visit website connect your wallet, Select ETH as the top option and Maximals Token (0x68cba76de48886ae2c28d4af85a5f95ba0929e78) into the bottom selection. Received Maximals Token on wallet.

Received Token

Received Token, You can Hodl Maximals Token